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the remembering…

What if we already are that which we seek, someone precious and eternal?

September Invitation: Gaze and Presence

To be seen and loved as we are, without covering up…

Calling All You Angels

Our dreams and our waking lives hold the power to bring us our angels, if we let them…

August Invitation into Your Dreams

Such simplicity and potency in saying yes…

July Invitation: Dreams and the Practice of Gratitude

The gifts of feeling in our dreams.. and the practice of gratitude…

Remembering Mary Jo Heyen

In memory of our beloved friend and colleague Mary Jo Heyen…

June Invitation: Here To Be With You

“Portable wisdom”… from a dream and a healing presence …

May Invitation Into Your Dreams

Each night our dreams are inviting us into a remembering of what is possible…
They are asking our permission to be in conversation with them.
They are expressing their desire to help us be in relationship with ourselves, each other and the numinous.

In Search of Truth in Dreaming: An Interview with Rodger Kamenetz

The gift of dreams as an experience of deep feeling, imagination, and creativity..

April Invitation: 3 Novel Ways to Remember Your Dreams

The fruits of loving attention to each dream, no matter how big or small….

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