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Dreams and Afflictive States of Mind

The deeper experiences of feeling underneath our reactions…

The Poetic Imagination and The Natural Dream

The imagination in us is the soul in us….

April Invitation: 3 Novel Ways to Remember Your Dreams

The fruits of welcoming all dreams, no matter how big or small….

Interview with Mary Jo Heyen from The Dreamers’ Den

Our dreams at the end of life, and every night until then, too….

Interview with Mary Jo Heyen on Dream Power Radio

What happens when we dream into the myster‪y…. ‬‬

Excavating the Girl, the Joy of Discovery

“What treasures are hidden beneath the surface just waiting to be excavated?”

Interview on The Health Hub with Cathy Biase

“Dreams naturally give us experiences from a deeply imaginative point of view…”

Tending Dreams through Art Making: Part Two, Perceptual and Affective Pathways

Your creative process can help you feel your dreams more deeply…..

A Warm Coral Voice

How our dreams can help us see and hear in fresh ways…


How Wordsworth’s early experiences in nature shaped his poetic imagination…

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