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August Invitation: Dreams and the Sound of Voice

Feeling resounding in voice can wake us up and connect us….

Dream Medicine

The world of feeling and healing medicine of our dreams…

Rodger Kamenetz with Shiur International: The Healing in Sacred Encounters

A tale, a poem, and two dreams…the healing in sacred encounters…

July Invitation: What’s in Your Cage?

Who are the awesome and fearsome creatures in our dreams?

Mary Jo Heyen 1949-2022

Mary Jo touched so many lives with her strong love of dreams, her generosity, and her steadfastness…

My Final Dream Blog…much love

What if our greatest potency is our capacity to feel our vulnerability…

Dreams and Families of Compassionate Care ALS

Dreams bring healing and support during all stages of our lives…

May Invitation: Imagination and Fantasy – What’s the Difference?

Imagination expands our capacity for deep feeling and teaches the wisdom of the heart…

Interview with Mary Jo Heyen by Randy Silkwood

Our dreams are inviting us back into knowing who we truly are…

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Dream Medicine

Dream Medicine

The world of feeling and healing medicine of our dreams…