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May Invitation Into Your Dreams

Each night our dreams are inviting us into a remembering of what is possible…

Anthem at Spring Solstice

“What is it I long for?” A poem comes to life…

“Your Brain On… Dreams” – Interview with Rodger Kamenetz

Rodger Kamenetz in “an amazing conversation” with The Brain Docs…

March Invitation: Let Your Dreams Set the Agenda

Your dream is a doorway into what you need in this very moment..

Soul’s Clear Yes and No in Our Dreams

Our dreams can help bring desire back to its immediate, simple clarity….

February Invitation into Your Dreams

Our dreams can help us feel seen, loved, and special exactly as we are…

The Tree That is Me

The dream ignited something new within me that night…

January Invitation: Write Them Down!

The practice of writing down your dreams is a gateway to their depths…

Literally and Metaphorically Speaking

Everything and everyone can be an invitation to soul…

Dreams of Our Departed

Our dreams of the departed may feel particularly potent for us..

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