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Reflecting Absence

With every feeling I experience, there is a remembering….

September Invitation: The Healing Power of Dreams

Imagine a world where no one dreamed…

August Invitation: Reclaiming Soul Through the Children in Our Dreams

The energy of soul is carried by the children in our dreams….

shrapnel of the heart….

there is no timetable to grief…

Bringing the Unconscious Conscious

When we are conscious, we have more choices….

July Invitation: Unfreezing the Light in Our Dreams

When we say that a person in love is glowing it may be more than a metaphor….


The imagination is an essential medium for the sacred to emerge…

holding the tension of the opposites…

The place where something new can emerge….

June Invitation: Trusting Our Body to Hold Our Images

Dreams integrate our bodily senses with our feelings and our deepest knowing…

A New Way of Seeing

Slowing down dream moments can bring fresh ways of seeing…

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