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sacred conversations at the edge…

The one-year anniversary of Mary Jo Heyen’s groundbreaking book Dreaming into the Mystery…

January Invitation: Write Them Down!

The practice of writing down your dreams is a gateway to their depths…

HEALING IMAGES IN DREAMS– video with Rodger Kamenetz

I view the dream as a natural resource…

Your Soul, The Drummer

Our dreams bring forth the rhythm and music from this sacred space…

Expanding the Imagination

Our dreams can help us see from the perspective of soul….

December Invitation into Your Dreams

For our dreams there is no special season. Each and every night they come bearing gifts….

the remembering…

What if we already are that which we seek, someone precious and eternal?

The Antlered One: Guardian of All Who Journey

The Antlered One first came to me in the dreams…

November Invitation: Revisiting Our Wounds As We Heal

Our wounds can become a source of strength….

Doing the Opposite

What could be a block becomes a springboard…

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