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Catch a Glimpse, Take a Sip

That infinite source of dreams which reaches out to us…

Interview with Rodger Kamenetz by Katherine Bell of The Dream Journal

Our dreams can awaken us to gratitude and to our capacity to feel more deeply…

November Invitation: The Sacred Ordinary

Natural Dreamwork teaches us to see the sacred in ordinary dream moments…

“Songs from my dreams”

Music from my soul… and its secret wishes…

October Invitation into Your Dreams

…inviting us into the mystery of change…

How a Dream Changed my Name—and My Life

Such a meeting was a sacred encounter; it couldn’t be ignored….

September Invitation Into Your Dreams

Each night…even if we don’t remember…we attend a unique school…the dream school…the classroom for our soul…

The Missing Jew: Poems 1976-2022 by Rodger Kamenetz

A new poetry collection by Natural Dreamwork founder Rodger Kamenetz…

Awakening the Inner Dreamer

When we experience deep, powerful transformation… we awaken the dreamer within..

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