Don’t miss this special podcast interview with Natural Dreamwork Founder Rodger Kamenetz from The Brain Docs: Ayesha and Dean Sherzai, neuroscientists and public health advocates.  In their words: “An amazing conversation.”

Rodger speaks of the cross-cultural significance of dreams in a way the interviewers describe as “profoundly beautiful”:

“One thing I’ve found: When people meet regardless of culture and share their dreams as they experience them, the commonality they feel is much stronger than the differences. Dreams could bring us together. Dream sharing could break down some of the obstacles to loving one another.”

Other topics include REM sleep, a fresh look at lucid dreaming, and how dreams can nourish our creativity.

You can listen here:




Rodger Kamenetz is a poet and author and Professor Emeritus of English and Religious Studies at Louisiana State University. His interest in dreams began in childhood and his first book of non-fiction Terra Infirma (1985) tells his mother’s life story in response to a single dream he had of her after her death. He’s studied dreams and visualizations with Buddhist teachers in Dharamsala and Denmark, with a sangoma in Capetown South Africa,  with a kabbalist in Jerusalem and with an intuitive dream master in Vermont and began taking students in 2003. His account of his education in dreams, The History of Last Night’s Dream, (Harper 2007) was featured on Oprah Winfrey’s Soul Series and since then he has articulated a practice he calls Natural Dreamwork and now leads an international group of twenty practitioners. Rodger has taught and lectured on dreamwork at the Jung Center in Evanston, at Mountain Cloud Zen Center in Santa Fe, at Insight Meditation South Bay, the Association of Yale Alumni, the Community for Integrative Learning in Wilmington Delaware and on the Shift Network.