This 2020 revised edition of Mary Jo Heyen’s, “Who Are Those Guys?” is now available in ebook and paperback edition through Amazon.  

What began as notes for my dream workshop of the same name grew into a small dream primer. As the subtitle says, “That Curious Sometimes Crazy Cast of Characters who Come to Us Every Night in Our Dream,” the book explores the many characters who come to us in our dreams and what it is they want for us and of us.

Both revised editions have new material including information about Natural Dreamwork and our unique approach to dreams. To encourage the dreamer to record dream images and reflections that arise during the workshop or while reading the book, the paperback edition also has added pages for notes and reflections.

Mary Jo Heyen is a certified practitioner of Natural Dreamwork, working with clients everywhere in person, by phone or Skype. Learn more about her work with dreams at or