The Dreaming I: A Natural Dreamwork Journal

About a month ago, The Dreaming I v. 2 was published. I can say without a doubt it’s the most excited I’ve been about anything I’ve created. My deepest hope is that this journal can spread far and wide a truly inspire individuals to begin a relationship with their dreams that lasts a lifetime.

I can also say without a doubt, and probably because of that excitement, I have had a lot of fear come up around really sharing it and putting it out there. For example, I have been planning to write this blog post since the journal was published. But better late than never, right?

Inside The Dreaming I

The Dreaming I is a 247 page journal with three sections: Record, Explore, and Reflect. It is meant to be used by dreamers of all kinds. The purpose is simple: to help you deepen your relationship with your dreams, wherever it happens to be currently. In the first section, you’re given space to write down your dreams as a morning practice. I also give you a “quick jot” section, in case your time is squeezed in the morning. That way you can write down just a couple of words at the start of your day, and then return to record your entire dream later when you have time.

The second section is the explore section, where you’ll find my Daily Dream pages worksheet. It’s a four page worksheet where you can take a dream you’ve already recorded and explore the felt experience of the dream more deeply. To check out more about the pages, you can click here to download them for free in a fillable PDF format. The key to these worksheets is that you separate your dream into two parts–what you observed objectively in the dream, and then how you felt about what you observed.

In the third section, reflect, there are 10 different exercises available, organized on page 222 by the type of dream that you had. These exercises help you go even more deeply into your dreams, outlining techniques like creative prompts, experiencing the feelings in your dream, identifying support in your dream, paying attention to compensation and triggers in your dreams, and working with dream maps or dream dictionaries to glean dream wisdom.

The key to this journal is YOU. It’s been developed and created to help you nurture the relationship with your dreams that feeds your spirit, helps you transmute old wounds, and shows you the path toward a more whole and well life.

The Dreaming I & Natural Dreamwork

If you are just getting started developing a relationship to your dreams, and you are curious about the Natural Dreamwork approach, The Dreaming I is an ideal companion. I have been studying dreams and following the Natural Dreamwork method since 2009, and created this journal as a supplement to my best understanding of the technique.

That’s why the journal centers around the idea of forming a relationship with your dreams as foundational to a positive dream practice. When we are able to relate to our dreams and our dream experiences from a place of humility, curiosity, and presence, so much beauty and wisdom flows out from them with ease.

The Daily Dream pages that are the bulk of this journal have been created to help you do that. When you pull apart the objective experience of the dream from the subjective experience of it, it becomes a lot easier to recognize the offer and the opportunity presented by the dream.

Ready to explore?

To celebrate publishing this journal, I’ve created a special offering: when you purchase the journal from my website, you’ll receive access to The Dreaming I Workshop for free! The Dreaming I workshop is an online companion class created to go along with the journal and help you get the most out of it. The workshop includes 3 15 minute videos and 2 guided meditations, as well as four e-mail weekly prompts!

Finally I wanted to say I’ve been so touched by all of you who’ve supported the journal so far. My dreams for this dream journal are scary big, and you are all helping them become a reality! And all of the support so far has made it clear that this project is not about me, but about serving the dream as much as possible. In my heart this is a creation focused on engaging with all of your dreamers out there and working collaboratively to create a tool that can stimulate and nurture and honor the dream in all of its forms. And that just gets me so freakin excited!!

To learn more and to order, click here! And as always don’t hesitate to shoot me an email at if you have any questions or concerns or feedback regarding the journal! It is much appreciated as I begin to dream about the 3rd edition….