This extraordinary video by my natural dreamwork colleague Michelle MacNeil explores the powerful dreams we have about our dead. In a series of interviews, we see varying perspectives on these dreams from the highly practical– to the most profoundly mysterious, from a search for a purple car in a junkyard to a mother whose skin has become a rainbow. Poignant, serious, profound, funny and deeply moving, this video will change your view of dreams– and of dying.—Rodger Kamenetz


Telling Dreams of the Departed grew out of my dream experience after my beloved grandmother’s death.  She surprised me by coming back to me often in my dreams, acting as my mentor, providing support and insight in my life.  I found that my relationship with her and to what I understood to be real and true grew in profound ways and that this expansion was so unexpected.  I wondered what others were experiencing after their loss of loved ones and wanted to share their voices and journey through their dreams.  I found that our connection to others and to time, space, feeling, and knowing are more fluid and mysterious than we imagine and that what happens in the dream world is at least as real and profound as what happens in waking life.

The desire for making videos grew out of a challenge issued to integrate my experience at a dream retreat in 2014, into my day-to-day life.  For me, that is through creating art and letting it out into the world, instead of my old pattern of setting the stage and providing the space for others to make their art.  My dreams had been leading me in that direction for some time, first offering me art supplies, then art lessons, and finally experiences of me interacting with video and holograms in the built environment.  My first video is called Telling Dreams.  I am now making my third video about touchstone dreams.


Michelle MacNeil, dream practitioner, artist healer, architect, and visionary