September is here…and school has begun. Each night… even if we don’t remember… we attend a unique school… the dream school… the classroom for our soul.

The truth is…school is never out.

In education there is a term, IEP, which stands for Individual Education Plan. That describes our dreams.  Each dream is tailored for each individual…with lessons designed specifically for each of us, with supportive tutors and mentors who know how to create exact lesson plans…and then these teachers even show up in our dreams.

What is it that makes someone decide to enroll in dream school, to be in this very personal and intimate relationship with our dreams? There is no one answer. For some, they just feel there is something missing in their life, a sense of happiness or fulfillment. For others, it may be that they can’t find or stay in meaningful relationship. Others want to work through past woundings, with addictions or behaviors that no longer server them. And there are also those who choose to have an on-going relationship with their dreams as part of their spiritual path…even a spiritual practice unto itself.

So, you’ve got the kids off to their schools. Perhaps it’s time to consider attending to your own inner school…your dream school.

Here at Natural Dreamwork we invite you to invite us to step into your dreams with you, explore together what it is that wants to be healed and take birth in you…who it is that wants to be in relationship with you. We work with clients throughout the country and abroad in person, phone or Skype. Click on the About Us page to get in touch with one of us and begin this sacred, soulful conversation with your dreams.

Image by Jim Daly

Mary Jo Heyen, M.Ed., was an author, founding member and certified practitioner of Natural Dreamwork until her death in 2022. She had a diverse private practice working with dream clients of all ages and backgrounds, as well as mentoring dreamwork practitioners in training. For Mary Jo and many of her dream clients exploring the teachings in our dreams was itself a spiritual practice with spiritual language and teachers who come to us nightly to help us remember who we truly are and invite us home to our soul self. Her practice included her volunteer work with the dreams and visions of those in hospice, their families and grief groups, honoring the gift of their dreams at this most important threshold. Her experiences in this area have been published in The Journal of Palliative Medicine and the 2021 release of her book, Dreaming into the Mystery: Explorations into Being with the Dreams and Visions of the Dying. Mary Jo offered presentations, workshops and classes on a variety of dream-related topics including, Who Are Those Guys? based on her dream primer of the same name. Mary Jo was a featured teacher as part of the Shift Network’s Dreamwork Summit. Her work with dreams has been been published in Dream Time, a publication of the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD) and she was also a Regional Representative of the IASD.  You can learn more about her work at: