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Sometimes I Feel So Lost

What if below the surface of “everything is fine” that we normally show the world, we are longing to be met in the vulnerable lost place?
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June Invitation Into Your Dreams…

Our dreams know there are two fathers…our outer world father…and the inner father…our connection to something larger than ourselves.
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The Cosmic Vibration in Alchemy

All matter, every creature is imbued with this cosmic vibrational energy that can be “heard"...
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Keep Singing

The fleeting nature of life is a felt sense we are living. We may long to turn away from the voice that can keep us shut down and live from the deeper places of soul, alive in our dreams.
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Enlivening Our Inner Space

Our dreams want to bring us back to ourselves. Dreams integrate our bodily senses with our feelings and our deepest knowing.
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May Invitation Into Your Dreams

Each night our dreams are inviting us into a remembering of what is possible… They are asking our permission to be in conversation with them. They are expressing their desire to help us be in relationship with ourselves, each other and the numinous.
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Natural Dreamwork During COVID-19 and Global Liminality

To experience the sacred encounter, we must slow down, stop, look again, feel, fall to our knees, stay in the liminal space and there surrender to surprising vulnerability and awe.
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The Tree That Is Me

The dream ignited something new within me that night. It showed me a capacity of feeling that I did not know I had. It started me on a path that would teach me how to experience my life in a new way.
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Fingertip Connections

My dreams have reconnected strands within me, inviting greater connection within and to those in my outer world.
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The Two Coronas

“...we can learn from a virus by feeling it in the imagination, in our dreams"
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