(Image: Mysterious Woods by FlorishZ)

Autumn is such a mysterious time, isn’t it? The earth…her body…her creatures…ourselves…longer shadows and deeper nights…all turning inward and downward…like fall leaves…a haunting inner rustling…all inviting us into the mystery of change.

Our dreams are that way, too…each night inviting us to be in conversation with their mystery and message….coming with a desire and intention to be in a healing conversation with us…to turn inward…

Is there a dream that has caught your attention, that you would like to explore more deeply its meaning? Is it inviting you to turn inward towards your true self…your heart self?…and “catch the dreams that yearn inside your bosom…”

Experience The Mystery
by Mystic Rose

Experience the mystery and the magic of the forest
lose yourself in the thicket of it’s waving branches
smell the iron earth and all of its potent flowers
and bow to the wind that caresses its center sails

See the rabbit as it scurries by, a bobbing cotton tail
See the deer as she pants aside the songly breeze
Raise your eyes and look at the eagle as he flies o’er
the curtains of your veiled mind, he’s a teacher

Open your arms wide and catch the dreams that yearn
inside your bosom like the sound of a beating drum
and lay them at the feet of the Lion without a sound
then bow to the wind that caresses your center sails

Here at Natural Dreamwork we invite you to invite us to step into your dreams with you, explore together what it is that wants to be healed and take birth in you…who it is that wants to be in relationship with you. We work with clients throughout the country and abroad in person, phone or Skype. Click on the About Us page to get in touch with one of us and begin this sacred, soulful conversation with your dreams.