Natural Dreamwork Events


Creative Contemplation for the Eco-Psycho-Spiritual Needs of our World
with Liza Hyatt 

Beginning January 2024

In this 6-month virtual retreat series, we will explore how imagination, dreamwork, creativity, and contemplative spiritual practice help people living today participate compassionately in the collective societal changes needed as humanity confronts the damage and injustice our current systems cause to the Earth and each other.

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Liza Hyatt is a Natural Dreamwork practitioner, spiritual director, art therapist, and mental health counselor with over 35 years experience working with complex trauma. She is author of four poetry books, and the eco-art therapy guidebook: Art of the Earth: Ancient Art for a Green Future.


The Dream Circle
With Kezia Vida 

You are invited to join in a special online dreamwork forum where you can record your dreams, receive feedback, dive into writing prompts, and just connect with like-minded dreamers on the path. There are also online meetings to reflect on dreamwork 2x a month. Commit to your inner world in community with dreamers from all around the world!
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Kezia Vida received a BA in Philosophy from Yale University, and began studying dreams under the Natural Dreamwork tradition in 2009 and working with clients in 2014. Kezia is also a student of shamanic and earth-based traditions, and completed the mentorship program with Nina Palmieri of the New Earth Movement and the year long Shamanic Studies program with The Power Path. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Counseling degree at Prescott College. She is the author of The Dreaming I, a dream journal & workbook designed to jumpstart your dream practice and was the co-host of the 2019 Shift Network Dream Summit. She has also led a wide variety of dreamwork workshops, groups, events and retreats, and she currently hosts The Dream Circle, an online dream sharing group for dream enthusiasts. To learn more, visit her website,