In Buddhism, the word ‘may’ is a blessing, a prayer…
May all beings be happy…
May all beings be free from suffering…

In Spanish the word ‘may’ – ‘que’ is followed by the subjunctive form
of the verb…an uncertainty and a hope that something may be so.
!Que seas feliz! May you be happy.
¡Que vaya bien! May it go well.

May expresses possibility, permission, desire and hope…what is in potentia.

Dreams express possibility, permission, desire and hope…what is in potentia.

Each night our dreams are asking our permission…inviting us into what is possible.

May you be with this part of yourself and feel into what is there for you.
May you feel the support of the numinous…the seen and unseen in your life.
May you heal into the wholeness and truth of who you really are.

May you invite one of us at Natural Dreamwork to step into your dreams with you,
exploring together the possibility and potential of May.

(Image by Dominic Walter)

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