Natural Dreamwork founder Rodger Kamenetz speaks with Katherine Bell of The Dream Journal about the depth of feeling in our dreams and a way to contemplate our dreams that can open our hearts to gratitude. During this rich and helpful conversation Rodger explores several dreams, one of his own and two from callers.

“Our dreams awaken us to our capacity to feel more deeply. That’s why it’s worth working with them, bringing them to life and bringing them into your life, taking them seriously by rehearsing and practicing them, feeling them day after day with gratitude.”

Rodger will be offering an online workshop in the near future to help dreamers learn more about his contemplative dream practice. If you are interested please email him at

You can listen to his interview here:


Rodger Kamenetz, founder of Natural Dreamwork, works with clients in a program of spiritual, imaginative and creative development through the contemplation of your dreams. If you are interested in this sort of work, please contact him at