What happens in a dream when a cell phone turns into a cucumber? What is it like to dream of a car that goes completely out of control? These and other questions get answered in this beautiful interview with Natural Dreamwork founder Rodger Kamenetz by Amy Frykholm from her podcast In Search Of.

Rodger speaks of the deep feeling, imagination, and creativity that can come to life through our dreams. He also works with an actual dream of Amy’s to discover its healing medicine and give us a taste of the contemplative practice of Natural Dreamwork.

“The creative manifests in us as dreams.. as poems.. as imagination.. as forms of kindness.. as relationship…
By learning to move fluidly between these experiences of images and taking them in more deeply, which is a form of contemplation, we live a life from moment to moment that is full of God.”


You can listen to the podcast HERE…


Rodger Kamenetz is founder of Natural Dreamwork,  a group of twenty practitioners from around the world who work with clients in a program of spiritual, imaginative and creative development through the contemplation of your dreams.

If you are interested in trying this work with one of our practitioners, please write thenaturaldream@gmail.com