I dream of powerful night clouds moving, shades of grays, stormlike, but there is no storm. Clouds change shape and form, grays constantly transforming, moving. I am captivated by power and beauty, shown the power of the breath of G-D, Ruach.  Clouds part and I see the eye of the heart, my breath taken. Clouds close around it and I feel loss. When they part again the eye glows with a golden light and the clouds close again. I see the eye once more; held in awe.

What does the eye of the heart see? Why does it look for me? This dream came in the Spring, coming out of the darkness into the light, an eye of the heart illumination? Does the eye of the heart see or feel the colors of this world or simply see straight into the center of my being? Perhaps it sees beauty and the soul in a way the eye and the optic nerve cannot, seeing the pain of the heart and how it brings the depth and intensity of beauty and the flow of colors that life experiences brings to each of us. This is a different kind of seeing, how our pain, grief, and suffering brings depth, intensity, breadth to heart wisdom, then eventually joy. What if seeing life through the heart is the only way to find joy?

What I know is that in this dream and even revisiting the dream, words are difficult. This feels like an image more about immersion than language. Dreams are often like that, asking us to feel back into the image and explore without words, deepening our connection to our self and what lies within our heart.

Painting by Leigh Randolph

Leigh Randolph is a practitioner of Natural Dreamwork and works with clients in a program of spiritual, and personal  growth through the exploration of dreams though art, and art through dreams. If you are interested in experiencing a session you can contact her via email at LeighEndodoc91@aol.com. You can learn more about her work on the About Us page.