A few years ago I dreamt that a team of archaeologists was conducting a dig out in the field on my property. I went down to where they were to tell them to get off my property! Because, of course they hadn’t asked permission….But when I got down there, it seemed a pretty cool operation and the man in charge seemed to understand my concerns. Ultimately, he agreed he would leave soon, but my interest was piqued despite the fact that I didn’t want anyone trespassing.  I was riding back up the field in the back of a pick up truck and a little girl came running after me with her arm outstretched trying to give me something. I reached towards her and accepted her offering. It was a small porcelain bisque doll covered in dirt.

I took this dream as a gift that was about exploration and the excavation of the adventurous girl in me. What treasures are hidden beneath the surface just waiting to be excavated?

This past year, in the time of COVID, I discovered a small house dump from the 1920’s-30’s on the property of our new home, an 1823 farm house in central Vermont.  I began digging for buried treasures as a hobby during COVID and how excited I was to find these small porcelain bisque dolls.

Excavated Bisque Dolls by Laura Smith-Riva

Laura Smith-Riva is a Natural Dreamwork Practitioner from the mysterious Green Mountains of Vermont. www.archetypaldreamworks.com. You can read more about her work on the About Us page.