Elements of Natural Dreamwork with Rodger Kamenetz

5 week audio on-line  class  through Webex . Fee $100.

Thursday, January 17, 2019 – Thursday, February 14, 2019 7:00 pm Central (classes will be recorded so you can listen as your schedule permits)

This class, taught by Natural Dreamwork founder, Rodger Kamenetz, is designed to give an overview of the essential concepts of Natural Dreamwork. It  is designed to help clients, practitioners and practitioners in training gain a more comprehensive understanding of Natural Dreamwork.

The class will dig into our model of the dream as a sacred encounter. We’ll learn how images can heal us, how our encounters with certain presences in our dreams can be life-changing, how we can understand depression and anxiety as a form of “impaired” imagination, how we can  learn from dreams not by imposing an interpretation but paying very close attention to the actual experiences in dreams of space time and feeling.  There’s much more— but this gives you a sense. The class will be juicy, dynamic and appeal to your imagination. It will be distillation of fifteen years of my work with thousands of hours of dreams.

This is an exciting opportunity for those of you who have expressed interest in Natural Dreamwork and want to learn how we approach dreams.  If you aren’t currently working with one of our practitioners we encourage you to schedule a dream session before class begins. Most of our practitioners offer a free introductory session. Simply go to the “About Us”* page of our website and get in touch with one of us to schedule a session.

To sign up for the class and get payment information go to the “Learn More”* link on our site and enter your information there. Fee for five classes is $100.