In my dreams, I cross boundaries and connect with forms of prayer and spirituality outside my ordinary experience.

These poems were written in the wake of such dreams. In one dream, I travel to meet with the Dalai Lama, but don’t to stay with him. In the other dream, I am wandering through ancient ruins near the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

At the Foot of the Buddha
Last night I dreamt I wore luxurious robes of green silk tied with a yellow tassel and that my head was shaven.
Barefoot, I carried incense through a golden hall, with red wood beams, and laid down at the foot of the Buddha.
I got high on citrus peels and rose petals, then surrendered to the peaty floor.
A Tibetan Lama sat beside me.
He told me my footsteps woke him:
I went back to sleep.

Bread and Ash
In my dream I become a disciple
And travel to Jerusalem
I walk among fallen pillars
of a temple that was
the center of the earth.

Behind the Holy of Holies I find
a loaf of bread covered in ash
Next to a lamp
that has never stopped burning

I sit down in that place
and never get up.
I am still there burning,
Tasting bread and ash.

Keren Vishny is a physician, psychotherapist and Natural Dreamwork Practitioner. She works with individuals in person as well as on Skype. Learn more about her work with dreams at or .