Dream – Barack Obama comes close and hands me a typewritten manuscript. I feel strong feeling around him as a teacher. He says, “I want you to rewrite the story.” I feel so excited. I’m holding a large dark pen. He says “you have an hour.” Then I realize I don’t have my notebook. I ask “can I run upstairs and get my notebook?” We seem to be in a big hotel. He says ok but looks disappointed, shaking his head. I feel pain, so disappointed in myself. I run and run through corridors trying to find my way back up to my room. I think I won’t have enough time.

What if all I need to begin is here, in this hour?

I’d been struggling to share images and feelings of dreams through writing, my heart’s desire. An old way of striving, searching for words felt empty, the story that I’m not ready. Here is the manuscript, the large dark pen, and my teacher, a presence who reaches me in a way particular to my soul. “Rewrite the story.” His words are potent and alive. He’s letting me know I have all I need. What touches me deeply is that this matters to him too, enough to enter my life and help me directly. This is the heart of dream healing, this living relationship.

So it is true for you. Your dream presences are unique, created for you and you only. The forms they assume are boundless, generous beyond reason. You may be thinking this is not true for you. You may not recognize them, may turn away or run away or judge them. That’s ok. That’s where you begin. Your dreams will invite you to stay, to keep your heart open. Your dreams will work on your soul’s behalf.

Dreams see through clear eyes of soul, reveal what gets in the way. It hurts to see how I panic and run around rather than staying, painful to see his response. But here is an opportunity to return. As practice, I stay in the encounter, this vulnerable place. I listen. This is not making up a new dream. This is slowing down the moment, pausing before I react, feeling rather than avoiding. In waking life I’m learning to let go and write more, think less. “Later” no longer feels good. Unexpectedly, moments of joy and playfulness return. True for writing, and spills into living. I will forget again, feel the hour as ticking clock. But with awareness comes choice. I can return to dwelling in this hour, in now.

To recognize what is actual visceral experience, the encounter, and what is not, is the uniqueness of natural dreamwork. You have an hour. Hour not as warning, as limit, but as gift. This hour, only once and flying away — and – touching the eternal, opening to love. Through dream images we get to feel this for ourselves, to live it.

Marian Enochs Gay is a Natural Dreamwork practitioner devoted to helping people receive the healing gifts of dreams. She works with clients in person in the New Orleans area, and anywhere through phone or Skype. Please visit dreamwellspring.com to learn more.