Natural Dreamwork is pleased to announce that Mary Jo Heyen’s book on her groundbreaking hospice work, Dreaming into the Mystery: Explorations into Being with the Dreams and Visions of the Dying, is now available in e-book and paperback. To be with another in their final days, to be invited into exploring their dreams and visions is a sacred privilege. There truly is a healing medicine in each and every one of our dreams….

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Dreaming into the Mystery Interview

Mary Jo was interviewed by Natural Dreamwork founder Rodger Kamenetz as part of the Shift Network’s Dreamwork Summit.  In this tender conversation, Mary Jo speaks about her work as dream specialist and hospice volunteer where she has the privilege of exploring the dreams and visions of the dying and their families.

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Reviews for Dreaming into the Mystery 

Dreaming into the Mystery draws us into a courageous, intimate and groundbreaking conversation with two powerful forces: our dying and our dreams. All humans experience both yet most are reluctant to embrace either. Mary Jo weaves personal transformation, deep feeling, and practice. Her potent storytelling combined with the meditations make this a valuable resource for anyone curious about the ways our dreams can guide us lovingly into the grandest mystery which is life.”

-Brenda Fox, Hospice Chaplain


“Mary Jo Heyen has a wonderful gift for storytelling and for communicating feelings in a way that is rich and deep and in an accessible language. As a Natural Dreamwork master teacher and an acknowledged hospice volunteer Mary Jo brings years of practice into this new setting where she is an important pioneer. This book will be invaluable for anyone who works in a hospice setting and for family and friends of those in hospice. The stories she tells of individual work with hospice patients are dramatic, moving and powerful. They show how dreams lead us to feeling, how these feelings are medicine for the soul and especially at the end of life. Each story is interesting and strong in itself. In addition to what we learn about dreams, we learn so much about teaching, about how to be with another person, about how to give value to what the other person is experiencing even if we ourselves can’t see it. Mary Jo not only states these things, she shows us in a series of concise and dramatic scenes. This book goes to the edge of life and death and to the heart of the dream.”

-Rodger Kamenetz, founder of Natural Dreamwork, author of The History of Last Night’s Dream and bestseller The Jew in the Lotus.


“Based on deep experience, this book is a beautiful exploration into the mystery of dreams and visions at end of. Cleverly crafted to inform and enlighten while relaying patient and families heartfelt experiences as well as the author’s own personal journey. This book provides a path towards reflection and understanding of one’s own inner experiences that I found particularly meaningful.”

-Dr. Christopher Kerr, CEO and Chief Medical Officer, Center for Hospice and Palliative Care Buffalo, author of Death is But a Dream.

To learn more about Mary Jo Heyen and her work with dreams go to the About Us page or her website