A beloved cousin shows up in my dream to say “Let’s go!” and helps me step through a threshold. She breaks through my doubt and helps me move forward. It was just what I needed. So often our dreams come to encourage us, give us heart where we feel hesitant.

One such dream is still alive years later:

I’m crawling on the floor with a teen girl, following a baby boy. I feel great love for him, and feel closely connected to the girl. He’s toddling into the next room where people are. We are touching him and going with him. A voice is saying “you should never do this, never touch the baby, it’s bad.” I hesitate, then see the girl touching him, feel her doing the opposite, so I keep doing it with energy. I feel the girl strengthening me, feel a powerful love.

Never do this.. it’s bad. Never never, no no.
When we feel a big desire and our hearts are opening, we may also feel fear. This is an alive and vulnerable place. To follow the baby is to follow our soul, to be in touch with our feelings. If we can stay here and act from desire, it’s life-giving. But so often thoughts will creep in, a critical voice that says in essence: “Something is wrong. This is bad. Better close up and defend.”

Our dreams can show us our conditioned thoughts and help us separate from these. This dream gives me a further step and that is to “do the opposite.” When I can follow this, it’s been a gift. Often when I’m excited about something, feel a desire and begin to act on it, I’ve noticed a pattern: a flicker of fear around the vulnerability of this, a wave of anxiety that moves into thoughts of no, never, forget it. Then the made-up story mushrooms and absorbs my attention.

What this dream adds is a way to interrupt the pattern: to notice constricting thoughts and feel these as an invitation to Do the opposite. When desire and fear are close together, I know I’m on the right track. In other words, in these moments, No means Yes. A red light means Go.

This can feel playful and energizing. What could be a block becomes a springboard. The energy tied up with these habitual thoughts is released and can move into living. I notice the girl in the dream is not engaging with the voice but staying close to the energy of her desire. Having a choice gives us more freedom. Even if the old story lingers, and sometimes it does, we don’t have to do what it says.

As you pay attention to your dreams, you will discover simple teachings and practices created just for you, not abstract lessons but living experiences that imprint on your body and heart. These encounters are yours forever and can give you more wholeheartedness in your life. They can encourage you where you need it most.


Marian Enochs Gay is a certified Natural Dreamwork practitioner offering a contemplative approach to dreams as a path to soul. She offers individual sessions in person or via phone or Skype. Learn more about her work at dreamwellspring.com or on the About Us page.