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A New American Dream

A New American Dream

The time has come for a new American Dream, since the one we have been dreaming together has become a nightmare. We dreamt of free speech and we got hate speech. We dreamt of the pursuit of happiness and we got students armed with guns killing other children. We...



EVENTS AT THE DREAM CARAVAN at the Arts Estuary 1024 Elysian Fields Avenue Sunday December 4, 2016 11:30am-7pm For tickets go to Dreaming into the Mystery How can we help those at end of life experience the support and healing found in...

The New Orleans Dream Caravan

Deeply Dive Into Your Subconscious at the 2nd Annual Dream Caravan Discover the Dreamy, Eye-Opening, and Rejuvenating Dream Caravan—that just might be the most unique event in New Orleans right now The Dream Caravan is back in New Orleans after a hugely successful...

The Real World of Dreams BBC

Made for CBC radio’s Tapestry, this half-hour doc profiles some neo-Jungian ideas of poet and author Rodger Kamenetz from his book The History of Last Night’s Dream. Kamenetz believes that dreams, by showcasing our craven lusty anguished interiors, actually reveal our...

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