Browsing social media or the news, it can be easy to start feeling like the world today is a living nightmare. But as a dreamworker, the nightmares that live inside of us are as vivid as what’s outside. The oppression, degradation, terror, and abuse that we find so overwhelming in our external world is depicted night after night as we toss and turn on our pillows.

Often in these dreams the conflict is us against us. Our soul’s yearnings and longings struggle with the parts of us that have been conditioned to believe we must be some other way to be loved.

Dreams can be ruthless at shedding light on these subconscious ways we avoid, deny, and even bully our soul. It seems we would rather do anything than to be ourselves and align with our deepest desires.

When we invite these revelations in, it is an act of courage that is often challenging and uncomfortable. In time, we are generously rewarded. Our sacred dream moments illuminate a path back to our truth and help us access deep wells of joy, peace, and passion.

This is the path of dreamwork that I know has the power to transform not only your inner world, but the external world too. Truly, I believe this kind of deep, soul-level inner work is one of the most important ingredients to changing our communities and our society as a whole.

Because when we experience deep, powerful transformation—when we see that things can be other than what they are-–then we awaken the dreamer within.

It is this inner dreamer who can be present and compassionate, approaching obstacles with imagination and heart. This inner dreamer who has the courage to fully experience what it’s like to be you, so your vision of what you’re truly capable of is clear. And it is this inner dreamer who can be with the people you love without judgment or projection, deepening connection and intimacy. When this dreamer wakes up in you, truly all things become possible, inside and out, and it is this journey, person by person, that can move mountains and change worlds.

You may doubt that the dreams you have at night could have such a profound effect on your life and the lives you touch. Your doubt is welcome here too. You do not have to have perfect trust or absolute conviction to begin a relationship with your dreams that will bear fruit sooner than you imagine.

You can begin this journey alone, if you wish. But like all things in life, the path is made much richer when it is done in relationship with others. I recently started a group for new and experienced dreamers to stay in connection with each other and their dreams called The Dream Circle. You are welcome to join and begin your journey at any time by clicking here! 


Kezia Vida received a BA in Philosophy from Yale University, and began studying dreams under the Natural Dreamwork tradition in 2009 and working with clients in 2014. Kezia is also a student of shamanic and earth-based traditions, and completed the mentorship program with Nina Palmieri of the New Earth Movement and the year long Shamanic Studies program with The Power Path. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Counseling degree at Prescott College. She is the author of The Dreaming I, a dream journal & workbook designed to jumpstart your dream practice and was the co-host of the 2019 Shift Network Dream Summit. She has also led a wide variety of dreamwork workshops, groups, events and retreats, and she currently hosts The Dream Circle, an online dream sharing group for dream enthusiasts. To learn more, visit her website,